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Zedboard does not boot from SD Card


I'm trying to boot a Zedboard using a SD card, and it fails. The Power good LED is on, but the 'Done' light remains off.


I tried 4 different SD cards (all UHS-I), but later read that UHS-I cards aren't supported, so I'm using a non-UHS card and it still fails to boot.

MIO6:2 headers are '01100', which is the SD card boot configuration. I've also shorted JP6 on the board. VADJ is at 1.8V

The board boots successfully from QSPI - the blue LED and 4 red LEDs come on.


I formatted the SD cards using both: the official SD Card Formatter & Windows 10's inbuilt 'Format'

Then I copied the 5 files from the Out-of-box Demo on Digilent's website: https://reference.digilentinc.com/reference/programmable-logic/zedboard/start?redirect=1

I've also tried the 'zedboard_oob_design' from the Avnet forums, and the Analog Devices images from their website - and the board still fails to boot.


I've tried the SD cards on another Zedboard, and it fails to boot on that one as well.


The UART doesn't print anything (115200, 8N1) either.


Is there anything I'm forgetting to check?

Does the SD card require a specific format, sector size, partitions etc?

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Hi @avnrdf,

Here is an older tutorial for creating a BOOT.BIN and booting from SD and QSPI with the Zedboard. Make sure the SD card is formatted to FAT32. Here is the resource center for the Zedboard which includes the OOB Demo under the additional resources section. Here is the Zedboard reference manual. Refer to the table on page 28 of the reference manual for how to configure the Zedboard mode jumper. 

1)  What OS is the PC that is being used to communicate to the Zedboard?

2) Are the files copied to the root folder in the SD card?

3) Is the SD card formatted to FAT32?

4) Is the PC connected to the Zedboard through the UART port?

5) We recommend customers making sure to use an SD card like Sandisk or Samsung.  

thank you,



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