Hello from Seervision

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We are scientific startup from Zurich ETHZ, Switzerland. We are building robotic camera systems like no other! If anybody wants to join us, the startup is currently growing.

Our system is based on ROS, C++ and python. It uses the latest achievements for machine learning and computer vision. As recently "FGPA" started to appear next to "machine learning" and "computer vision", and the whole system is very demanding in terms of performance, we have recently bought Zybo Z7 in order to check what can we do with it. Moving ahead not so badly, amazing device.

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Hi @Audrius,

Sounds like an interesting startup. Robotics and vision are definitely interesting. In my senior year of college I took an intro to robotic class. We worked with ROS and python on a turtlebot and a AR drone.  We used OpenCV for the vision manipulation.  



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