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Can I capture SDI signal with Zybo Z7?


Serial digital interface (SDI) is a digital video interface used with the most of professional video cameras. It uses BNC connector and operates at speeds of 3 Gb/s or about, depending on the standard. The more detailed specification can be found in wikipedia.

Most of the SDI adapters for FPGA use FMC connectors, like this one. There is no FMC connector on Zybo Z7 board, but it does have multiple PMOD ports. Could they probably substitute? If some simple extra circuitry is required, we maybe could build it on the top of some generic PMOD adapter like this. My major doubts are,  would such interface be fast enough? I am not aware at which frequency Zybo PMOD port and the custom circuitry attached to it could operate.

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Hi @Audrius,

The pmod ports would not be able to handle a 6 Gb/s data rate. I would suggest using a development board that has an FMC. The Zedboard here , Nexys Video here or the Genesys 2 here. The Zedboard and the Nexys Video have a LPC FMC, and the Genesys 2 has a HPC FMC. The Genesys 2 does have a Kintex FPGA. Digilent currently does not have a Kintex ultrascale FPGA development board as is supported by the FMC you linked to.  

thank you,


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