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jtag-hs1 rev.a with xcf04s, haaaalp!


cant program xcf04s with jtag-hs1 rev.a, 

adept says:
===== Digilent Adept  =====
  Adept System  Rev 2.7
  Adept Runtime Rev 2.16
  Adept Application Rev 2.4.2
Copyright © 2010
Loading board information...
Warning:  Could not find specific board information
Initializing Scan Chain...
Default information loaded.
Found device ID: d5c66093
Initialization Complete.
   Device 1: UNKNOWN

cpld unknown.
but the same cable works alright with xcf02s.
also jtag-usb works ok with this xcf04s 

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Hi Dthcnnct, 

It looks like adept does not reconize the xcf04s.  You should download impact from xilinx along with the digilent plugins. Impact should reconize the xcf04s. Please let us know if this fixes the issue.

Thank you,


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