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Bharat Agarwal

Executable selected for download on the following processors doesnt exist


Hi , 

I made a block design on ARTY FPGA board in which i am reading data from BRAM. 

In the hello world program i wrote a code for that please find attachemnt. 


When I do rum on hardware (system debugger) there is an error which says " Executable selected or download on the following processors doenst exist or incorrectly specified "


Please help me out.



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It may be that the SDK project exported from Vivado is somehow broken, maybe export has been done on another machine everything was now moved into different folder. In my case,  the sequence of steps

  1. removing (just rename it in case you need the way back) the folder ending with .sdk (like GSWZ_2018_3_ZYBO_Z7_20.sdk)  in the tree of the relevant SDK project
  2. exporting hardware in Vivado application again (export hardware, include bitstream)
  3. exporting in the project scope and then starting the SDK from Vivado.

helped against the same error message. Also, simply be sure you export hardware not something else, and include the bitstream. 

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