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Swati Bobade

How to access the JA1 PORT(PMOD connector) in xc6slx16 xilinx kit


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Hi @Swati Bobade,

Here is the Atlys resource center. On the right side of the resource center, and attached below, there is the General UCF file. The Pmod connector is constrained with the UCF text below:

# PMOD Connector
 NET "JB<0>"  LOC = "T3"; # Bank = 2,  Pin name = IO_L62N_D6,     Sch name = JA-D0_N
 NET "JB<1>"  LOC = "R3"; # Bank = 2,  Pin name = IO_L62P_D5,     Sch name = JA-D0_P
 NET "JB<2>"  LOC = "P6"; # Bank = 2,  Pin name = IO_L64N_D9,     Sch name = JA-D2_N
 NET "JB<3>"  LOC = "N5"; # Bank = 2,  Pin name = IO_L64P_D8,     Sch name = JA-D2_P
 NET "JB<4>"  LOC = "V9"; # Bank = 2,  Pin name = IO_L32N_GCLK28, Sch name = JA-CLK_N
 NET "JB<5>"  LOC = "T9"; # Bank = 2,  Pin name = IO_L32P_GCLK29, Sch name = JA-CLK_P
 NET "JB<6>"  LOC = "V4"; # Bank = 2,  Pin name = IO_L63N,        Sch name = JA-D1_N
 NET "JB<7>"  LOC = "T4"; # Bank = 2,  Pin name = IO_L63P,        Sch name = JA-D1_P

The ISE Demo in the Example Projects section of the resource center is a good example on how to use the UCF file.

thank you,



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