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GPS PMOD xilinx SDK build error.


Hey All,

I posted earlier today about an error I was getting when building the driver for the ESP32 PMOD for my Zedboard with Vivado 2018.3. @jpeyron was able to answer the question and fix the issue. However, I am getting a similar error message when attempting to build the driver for the GPS PMOD now, but I suspect my error to originate in my Vivado Block Design . I will attach my Block Design and SDK readout images to this post. Questions:

Should I connect my "gps_uart_interrupt" port on the GPS PMOD core to an generic interupt controller? If not how should this be connected?




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Hi @StefanOR,

You are correct. If you are going to use the Pmod GPS IP Core main.c example. Here is a forum thread where the community member has attached their main.c that does not use the interrupts. It uses the SD card so you would need to alter the code to fit your situation if you choose to use their main.c. Also give your project a little bit to get data. It can take a couple seconds for the PmodGPS to get data.

thank you,


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