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PMOD ESP32 IP for use with ZedBoard.


Hey All,

I am trying to make a simple IP block design in Vivado 2018.3 to test the ESP32 PMOD out using AT commands for data transmission. I will attach a picture of my current block diagram to this post. I am getting a critical error (reference below) that says the IP has a packaged board value of "digilentinc.com:cora-z7-10:part0:1.0" which is for the Zybo z7 board. My questions are:

Q1)Will this design work regardless of this error, as the Zybo and Zed boards are similar and both run off the zynq-7 architecture?

 Q2)If the answer to Q1 is "no", is there a method of adapting this IP for the Zedboard? (I should be using the latest IP library from Digilent)


[IP_Flow 19-4965] IP PmodESP32_axi_gpio_0_0 was packaged with board value 'digilentinc.com:cora-z7-10:part0:1.0'. Current project's board value is 'digilentinc.com:zedboard:part0:1.0'. Please update the project settings to match the packaged IP.


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