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Pmod BT2 is receiving '0' and '1' but i am unable to use this data in my Verilog code.



I am sending data '0' and '1' from Arduino through HC05  bluetooth module and receiving that data ('0' and '1') on PMOD BT2 which is connected on the XADC(JA) port of Zybo.  Once the arduino sends the data ('0' and '1') the "RX" pin on Arduino UNO blink and when this data is received at PMOD BT2 the 'TX' pin on the PMOD BT2 blink.

I want to ON and OFF the LED on the base of this '0' and '1'. But the PROBLEM is that the LED is blinking when the TX pin on PMOD BT2 is blinking while receiving 0 and 1, it is following the blinking of 'TX' on PMOD BT2 instead of the data (0 and 1). 

How can i access that data ('0' or '1') in some register to use it for LED ON and OFF? 
Is there any option to store that data which i am receiving on PMOD BT2? 
How can i store that data which i am receiving on PMOD BT2?

The Code which i am running on Arduino is Here for sending 0 and 1 continuously and the Verilog code which i am using to blink the LED is Here
The Master File Is also attached Here . Please check these code and guide me.

*I have tested on Arduino that the data is receiving properly which is 0 and 1.


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Hi @Abdul Qayyum,

Have you verified that the HC05  bluetooth communication is working with the Arduino?  The attached arduino code looks different than i expect. Here is a arduino tutorial for using the HC05  bluetooth. Aslo have you though about using the Pmod BT2 IP Core in the Vivado Library. Here is the digilent IP Core tutorial.

thank you,



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