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error in source code at SDK


Hi all, @jpeyron ,

There is another Error I am trying to solve it in my source code at SDK, which is :

'XPAR_IOMODULE_INTC_MAX_INTR_SIZE' undeclared here (not in a function); did you mean 'XPAR_MICROBLAZE_0_INSTR_SIZE'   ?


In fact, when I changed the parameter to 'XPAR_MICROBLAZE_0_INSTR_SIZE' , this led to another error about IOMODULE declarations .

How to solve this Paradox ? 

 thanks in advance

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depends, I am not familiar with IOMODULE. Your code in SDK is expecting but there are none defined. You either modify your code in SDK or enable interrupt in hardware.

Are you using the DA3? Can you show us the module configuration in hardware and parameters in your BSP (xparameters.h)?

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