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Waveforms 3.9.1 metadata bugs


The "headers as comment" button on the oscilloscope no longer seems to add the "#" character to the notes.

Also, the metadata for the oscilloscope does not seem to report the amount of averaging done.

Incidentally, why is averaging limited to 1k?  We should be able to average any number of traces, since the storage for summation does not take up more space as the number of traces being averaged increases.  With 14-bit values from the ADC, even 32-bit integer arithmetic should allow 256K (262,144) traces to be averaged, not just 1k.

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Hi @gasstationwithoutpumps

1. The notes in export dialog are saved as it is. The header as comment only adds # to the header.
Now I added notes as comment option.

2. Adding average, oversampling, attenuation, zero offset to export comments.

3. I was not expecting that such high values will be required. In the application the analog data is stored in 64-bit float where the fraction is 52 bits.
The average maximum will be set in scope to 1e9 and in impedance/network analyzer to 1e6.

Thank you for your observations.

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