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Decrease the speed of a servo motor, how?


I'm working on 2 servos actually, and couldn't adjust their speed,  using sg90 servo motors (1-2ms duty cycle, and 20ms refresh frequency). 4 states defined, firstly sweeping horizontal, secondly finding maximum ( as a voltage from pv), thirdly goes through vertical, finally finding maximum of vertical. It was supposed to be like that. After sweeping horizontal, it so quickly passes the part of finding maximum point. Can anyone please help me by taking a look on codes, i'd send the whole file via e-mail which cannot be attached here. 

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Hi @huytergan,

Welcome to the forums! Here is the datasheet  and here is the pin outs for the sg90. Are you using an FPGA or microcontroller to work with the sg90 servos? If fpga, here and here are some sites that might be helpful. If through a microcontroller, here  and here is arduino code that might be helpful.



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