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I Want to make a UI on C#.NET or LabVIEW


I need to make a UI on C#.NET or LabVIEW and wirelessly(WLAN) speak with an communicate with an application for hardware control running on linux fundamentals based Single Board Computerr. What is the best and simple approach to complete it? 

NOTE: linux based application will be written in C/C++.

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Have a look at Windows Forms. It has some small issues with its dinosaur DNA (e.g. need for pinvoke in a multi-threaded program) but it's mature and industrially proven. Search engines usually give the answer I'm looking for right away.

You may also be able to run the code on Linux (mono) with a compatible library, even the same .exe running under Windows and Linux (sounds weird but the runtime takes care of it. The .exe can be really machine independent aka MSIL).

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