ZedBoard with ad-fmcomms3-ebz (ADI 9361 SDR)

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Hi All,

Hereby two video's of my ZedBoard with an ad-fmcomms3-ebz daughter board from Analog Devices.

Although the AD9361 is capable of much more and this is my first experiment with a SDR I'm exited to show you my progress with this simple demonstration of a FM broadcast modulator and demodulator, using a ZedBoard with Analog Devices ad-fmcomms3-ebz FMC daughter card.


Greets, Iw@n


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5 hours ago, bkzshabbaz said:

Did you build the design from source?  Or did you use the pre-built images from Analog Devices?

I'm just using the pre-built image from Ananlog Devices for the ZedBoard.

Regards, Iwan

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