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Sami Malik

Sending data from HC-05 to RN-42



I am trying to send data from HC-05 with RN-42 using Arduino. So far i'm able to connect both devices in auto connection mode(RN-42 as Master) with remote address stored in memory of RN-42. But when I send data from either side, I receive nothing on other side. I have gone through user manual of RN-42 but found nothing helpful regarding my problem. 

Click here for Arduino code for both sides.



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Hi @Sami Malik,

I have not used trigger mode with the Pmod BT2. The commands are as follows:

Trigger Master Mode (SM command, 2): whenever a character is received on the local UART, it automatically connects to a slave who had been previously paired. The connection remains active for a programmable interval between 1 and 255 seconds

 Here is an arduino example for using command mode. Here and here are tutorials that might be helpful as well.

thank you,


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