We are currently using the Xilinx XC7A100T Artix-7 FPGA and we are looking for some Evaluation board to study it.

XC7A100T Artix-7 FPGA Evaluation Board 410-274:

 Nexys 4 DDR Artix-7 FPGA  410-292:

Just wondering do we have Schematic .DSN files or layout files available? Thanks!


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Hi @Sean Z,

Sorry for the late response.  Here are the Nexys 4 and Nexys 4 DDR resource centers. They include a schematic, reference manual, UCF file, tutorials, examples and a link to xdc files. We do not share layout files publicly.  If you wish to get more information about there layout you will need to reach out to support dot digilent at ni dot com.

thank you,


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