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ZYBO license/voucher in Europe


Hello all,


I use ZyBo for a long of time and now that my license expired I want to update it.

I live in France and I haven't found a provider that gives just a voucher to continue using Vivado/Vivado HLS and SDK.

I found some websites like this https://www.digikey.fr/product-detail/fr/digilent-inc/240-067/1286-1051-ND/4840817

that provide the voucher but plus staff that I don't need.


Is there a place where I can buy the voucher/license without anything else here in Europe.


Thanks in advance,


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Hi @Baskoud,

We do not sell just the SDSoC voucher by itself anymore. Here is a link to xilinx for purchasing just the SDSoC license. We only have the voucher available for purchase when also purchasing most of are zynq development board  as shown here.





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