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cmod-A7 SPI-bootloader starts with second connection


Hi all,

i did the tutorial "How To Store Your SDK Project in SPI Flash" (https://reference.digilentinc.com/learn/programmable-logic/tutorials/htsspisf/start) and everything works fine. 

...But now i recognise when, i connect the Cmod-A7 to my USB-port, the FPGA is programmed but the bootloader does not start the C-programm i created in the SDK. If i now disconnect and connect it again, the bootloader starts the C-programm and everything works fine. Maybe someone know how to handle this? 

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Hi @Weevil,

I have not implemented a software reset in FPGA's before. Here is a forum thread that might be helpful for your situation.Another solution once you have programmed the QSPI you could then program the JTAG. To do this select the  program the fpga and changing the microblaze from the srec path back to bootloop. Then program the FPGA. Next right click on the application and run as-> launch on Hardware(System debugger). The normal process to loading the project onto the fpga from SDK.




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