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Bruce Boyes

Possible Waveform log filename entry bug


How to crash Waveforms at least under Linux. Have not tried Windows yet

  1. open a new workspace
  2. Select Scope
  3. View Logging
  4. In the filename dialog, enter "[ddhh]-[" ahead of the existing "acq####.csv" text. An underscore also is OK. It's the 2nd '[' that seems to be the problem
  5. Crash! and application closes

screenshot shows just about to enter the '[', I couldn't capture after that because of the crash.


My intent was to enter something like [ddhh]-[mmss]. I managed to do this by entering first a [ddhhmmss] then inserting other chars in the middle. Ultimately I arrived at this: acq_####_[ddhh]_[mmss].csv which makes more sense for our files.

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