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WIN 10 driver issues with digilent cable and Vivado


Hi there!

My Vivado Hardware Manager is unable to detect the hardware that is connected to my digilent cable. I guess there is a driver issue!?
All I can see is that it is connected to localhost(0).

I did get some errors at first but now I am not able to recreate them. I believe they had to do with the hw_server!?


I have already looked at this post but no change!

Also, I've tried the following solutions but that didn't help either.


So now I have no idea what to do. Any ideas as to what migth be the problem?

OS is WIN 10 and I'm using Vivado 2018.2 but had the same problem with 2017.4.

Here is the current driver setup: (sorry it's in german)



Is this the correct one? I have also tried these but no luck either.



I guess it's a driver issue or am I on the wrong track!? I have no idea what else to try since I can't find any more info/solutions online.

Thanks for helping me out! :)


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