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Bruce Boyes

More info on trigger out from AD2


Hi, is there more info somewhere on AD2 trigger out? I found this topic: AD2 trigger out pulse length and posted a question (then realized it might not be seen since that is an old topic, and I couldn't see how to delete or move the post) there but I can't figure how to get to the screens shown in that thread. I looked in the online help and manual... thanks.

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Hi @Bruce Boyes

I don't know which tools you are not finding...

You can select the AD to output the Scope as trigger and synchronise the devices based on this. This will output high when the Scope is triggered, storing the samples after T0, ensuring that the same trigger is captured.
The "Scope detector" fires on trigger condition which might find the Scope in Armed state or not.

Here the external trigger 1 is connected between two ADs and it is also connected to Scope C2 to demonstrate this example, Scope C1to the same signal source.

In the 1st AD the Trigger 1 outputs Scope state, under Settings/Options
In this the Scope triggers on Channel 1 rising edge.



In the 2nd AD the External (Trigger) 1 is left as default input and selected as Source in Scope. 


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