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Yacov Cohen

PsuedoDifferential measurements on PmodAD5


Trying to use PsuedoDifferential measurements. See software bellow posted by Anne. By obvious there are some mistakes on original script. 

There are some bugs I tried to repair, here is the modified software  set ground on pin 9 placed +1 volt to pin1 AIN1 ground of voltage source AINCOM (pin9) but could not get results.

Please Help 



the program



Configures and calibrates the AD7193 to measure psuedo-differential voltage on channel 6

Tutorial can be found at <TBD>, and uses the PmodAD5 from Digilent.

Signal Connections:
 Signal Name |  PmodAD Pin  |  Arduino Pin
  ~CS        |  J1, Pin 1   |  10
  MOSI       |  J1, Pin 2   |  MOSI or 11 or ICSP-4
  MISO       |  J1, Pin 3   |  MISO or 12 or ICSP-1
  SCLK       |  J1, Pin 4   |  SCLK or 13 or ICSP-3
  GND        |  J1, Pin 5   |  GND
  VCC (3.3V) |  J1, Pin 6   |  3.3V

 Signal Name       |  PmodAD5 Pin   
 Channel 6 Pos     |  J2, Pin 7
 AINCOM            |  J2, Pin 9
See Table 24 of AD7193 datasheet for more information

Refer to:

Created 4 Oct 2016
by Anne Mahaffey

This example code is in the public domain




#include <SPI.h>
#include <AD7193.h>

AD7193 AD7193;

void setup() {
  // setup Serial and SPI
  while (!Serial) {
    ; // wait for serial port to connect. Needed for native USB port only

  // Device setup
  AD7193.AppendStatusValuetoData();  //This might be a requirement - functions will be simpler if I can assume this is true 


  // sets input to measure across channel input and AINCOM pin

  // Calibrate with given PGA settings - need to recalibrate if PGA setting is changed

  // Debug - Check register map values

  Serial.println("\nBegin AD7193 conversion - single conversion (pg 35 of datasheet, figure 25)");

void loop() {

  unsigned long ch1Data;
  float ch1Voltage;
  // Read channel measurement data
  ch1Data = (AD7193.ReadADCChannel(1) >> 8);

  //Serial.print("  CH1 data: ");
  //Serial.print(ch1Data, HEX);

  // Convert to voltage
  ch1Voltage = AD7193.DataToVoltage(ch1Data);
  Serial.print("\n\t\tChanne1 1 Voltage Measurement: ");
  Serial.println(ch1Voltage, 3); 

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