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Visual Micro Unrecoverable Error after installing Digilent boards support



I use Visual Micro for Visual Studio for my development.

Once, after installing Arduino Digilent boards support, I discovered that I could no more work with esp8266 boards. Digilent package install totally crashed eps8266 support and nothing helps.   It looks like support for Visual Micro is not able to solve the problem.

The question is what the hell is inside your package?
In order not to retell again here is a link to the appropriate topic.

Visual Micro forum

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Hi @Kabron,

We have reached out to one of our test/design engineers about this thread. They are out of the office for the week. I'm not sure how long it will be before they would be able to respond. I am very sorry about the delay.

thank you for your patience,


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Hi Kabron,

I just tried installing both Digilent and ESP8266 board support packages and it seems like mine installed just fine. In your post on the VM forums, it sounds like they both work in Arduino, but not in Visual Micro. Is that the case?

I do not think it has anything to do with the Digilent core. What happens is Arduino reads the json file from the URL you give it. It then downloads each component as .zip files into %localappdata%/Arduino15/staging/packages/ . These are then unzipped and placed in %localappdata%/Arduino15/packages/Digilent. That is all it does. I'm guessing Visual Micro just calls into Arduino to do this. 

In your case you say it tries to install the package into Arduino15/packages/Digilent/tools/xc32-tools/xc32-1.43/pic32mx/. I'm not sure why it would do this, but it probably has something to do with your Arduino installation. You might want to try cutting the esp8266 folder from Arduino15/packages/Digilent/tools/xc32-tools/xc32-1.43/pic32mx/ and pasting it into Arduino15/packages/

Otherwise, I would try reinstalling Arduino, or possibly trying another version of Arduino.


Hope this helps!


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