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Can't find spi peripheral in supported nexys 3 board


Hi, I'm using Digilent Nexys 3 board to write  data from FPGA chip to Flash.

I used Xilinx Studio Platform to create a Base System Builder and added the bsb support file as well which is downloaded from digilent website, but problem is, I can't see spi peripheral. How can I add it to my design. I know I can add it when I choose create a system for custom board option, but it is a fixed board.

Can anyone help me?


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Hi @huukim,

I do not have much experience with this in XPS. I would suggest looking at our nexys3_bsb_support_v_2_8.zip on the right side of the Nexys 3 resource center here. There should be information on the Digilent shared MEM BUS which looks to be helpful for your project. I would also suggest looking at the Nexys 3 reference manual here. Here is a xilinx forum thread that discusses this as well.

thank you,


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