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PMOD BLE: Reboot Stuck when Communicated in VHDL



I have started using PMOD BLE recently and I can make a connection in between BLE and PC using a terminal (with Nexys4DDR making a direct connection in between).

However, when I write a VHDL code, describing what I made on the terminal one by one, the BLE device stucks at rebooting.

For both applications I use the following sequence that is described in "RN4871_user_guide.pdf" page 59 :

- Send $$$

- Wait a second

- Send SS,40<CR> (this is to select UART Transparent feature only)

- Wait a second

- Send R,1<CR>

- Wait a second

- Wait for an ASCII entry


but, at "R,1<CR> ", the BLE device turns the blue LED on (which is LD1 on schematic) and it does not shuts it off no matter what. While so, (I mean when the LED is ON) the iOS application SmartDiscover (or anyother terminal) cannot see the module. So, I cannot reach the device at all.


Besides, the device returns this when connected via PC terminal (through cable) =>  CMD> AOK<\r><\n>CMD> Rebooting<\r><\n>%REBOOT%

and returns this when FPGA communicates with the device directly => CMD> AOK<\r><\n>CMD> Rebooting<\r><\n>

so, it does not return me %REBOOT% string, but seems like it stucks at some point where it is trying to reboot itself.


Any help with this would be very nice at this point,


Thanks in advance,



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Hi @beraicli,

We do not have an HDL(VHDL/Verilog) example for the Pmod BLE nor hive i found one searching the web. We do have an Arduino project on the Pmod BLE resource center here that would be a good reference on the process of communication and commands for making your own HDL project. We do also have the Pmod BLE IP Core available on our Github  here in the  Vivado library. The Pmod BLE IP Core will readily work with your Nexys 4 DDR and microblaze.  Here is a tutorial on installing the Digilent board files and here is a tutorial on using Digilent IP Cores. 



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