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Vibration Control



I have an accelerometer and I want to control a vibration system by constructing a PID controller for my project. I use the PID.vi for this. By controlling the vibration, I mean that I want the vibration to stop. For example I change the frequency or the amplitude of the vibration. When the accelerometer detects this change,  with the help of the PIDsame frequency and opposite amplitude are applied to my vibration system(at the output)  in order to stop. 
My question is the following: In order to make the vibration stop, in the PID.vi, as a process variable must I apply the accelerometer data (m/s^2) and as a setpoint the value (9.81 m/s^2)? 

Thank you

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Hi @Parggoo,

Those of us here on the Digilent forum are not familiar with the PID.vi; I am also not sure what sure what accelerometer you are using. I would recommend asking on the NI Forum to learn some more accurate details on the PID.vi.


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