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Arty A7 flash chip



The original Arty-A7 had a flash chip from Micron on it.  This chip is still listed as the flash chip on the schematic.  The Micron chip also had a lot of design flaws, making it difficult to guarantee that the chip could be brought to a proper reset state upon startup.  This has been a discussion on the forum.

I was recently informed that the newer A7 boards now have a Spansion flash device on them?

While I like the Spansion flash better, may I encourage you to update your schematic and other Arty documentation to reflect this?

Also, can you please share for the record what that new chip is?



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Hi @D@n,

I believe the new part that is used in the Arty A7 boards (and other A7 boards) is now a Spansion S25FL128SAGMF100; based on old schematics, I believe this was added in Rev D of the Arty A7 (dated August 2017), though I do not know when that particular Rev was then released (or if it even was released) to the public. I confirmed that the Arty S7 also uses this part and I wouldn't be surprised if most of our other Artix 7 based boards use it now as well.

I've requested that the chip name and images are updated in any appropriate tutorials and requested that the pdf version of the reference manual (updated wiki) is updated as well.


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