In the above discussion u have mentioned ,here is the complete project. when i downloaded it is nothing but a zip file and i couldn"t find anything in it, what is ur intention regarding that zip file could u please answer me. 

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@harika, When I download the zip file, I see a complete archived Vivado project as shown below. Perhaps the zip file you tried to open was incomplete or corrupted?


Once you have an intact zip file, you will need to extract the ZED_WIFI_SD directory from the zip file to some location on your system and then open the ZED_WIFI_SD.xpr file in Vivado 2017.4. I extracted the project to my local folder named "D:\zedboard\ZED_WIFI_SD".

Doing that, you should see something like this.image.thumb.png.437e3e53eefdf140ac994d1ff3adcb1b.png


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