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No Impact Processes Shown When Trying To Program Coolrunner2 Cpld


Device: Coolrunner 2 xc9572xl

Programmer: HS1 Rev A

ISE iMPACT: Version 4.7

OS: Windows 7 Pro 64bit SP1. Version 6.1.7601


I am trying to program a coolrunner2 xc9572xl using a HS1 Rev A.

I can successfully initialise the boundary scan chain and the device is recognised.

I then add the .jed file successfully.


However, once this is done no iMPACT processes are shown, i.e. Program, Erase, Device ID etc.

The processes window remains blank and if you right click the device and select "Set Programming Properties" this also is blank. See attachment.


How do I get it to show?


When installing ISE 14.7 by default it had the following drivers



Note it says version 14.1 in the file name and the XML states it is version 2.4.4


I updated this to use the current digilent website files and renamed the folder to 14.7



The version in the XML states 2.5.2


I know I am successfully changing the files it because if I remove the file and run iMPACT the digilent programmer is not recognised.


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