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ZedBoard XADC Header Dedicated Inputs



I want to use ZedBoard's XADC for sampling an external analog signal. Only one channel (single channel) is sufficient for now. Therefore, I tried to use the dedicated inputs, namely VP/VN in bipolar mode. When I check  USERGUIDE480's page  32,  the following picture is given: 



1) From this figure, I understand that VN port must be supplied with an external 0.5 DC voltage source. Am I correct? Can i get this 0.5V dc from the ZedBoard not using an external supply source? 

2) Is it enough I only connect VP/VN pins of XADC header leaving out other pins unconnected? I mean should I connect AGND or DGND to ground?

thanks in advance,


PS: Sorry, I posted this question to the incorrect sub-forum. 



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Hi @mehmetdemirtas89,

Welcome to the forums. I moved your thread to the correct section. Here is a forum thread that describes the correct way to use the XADC Header.  You do not need an external power source to power the XADC. That has been handled internally. You only need to provide the analog inputs and gnd for the xadc.



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The picture only shows that you can connect an input signal that has a DC component of maximum 0.5V and an AC component of maximum 0.5V. So the +-0.5V AC can have and offset between 0-0.5V. This is a signal between -0.5V and +0.5V or between 0V and 1V at the extremes.

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