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Data acquisition with Analog Discovery 2



For a project I have to analyze two analog signals at a frequency of 78.4 kHz. Sampling rate must be at least 1 MHz.

I have a Analog Discovery 2, I generate for now a signal square of 100kHz.

I can observe this signal but only on a few periods. I wish I could get them back on a spreadsheet excel in order to treat them with Matlab. I can get a spreadsheet excel, but only with 8000 values, or I would need 1M values.

Is it possible with a Analog Discovery 2 ?

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Hi @PhilippeN

Note that the recording ensures continuous capture, the repeated/separate captures are sporadic.
In case the 10M samples limit of the WF application is not sufficient, you can use the WF SDK to capture more data.
See: C:/Program Files (x86)/Digilent/WaveFormsSDK/samples/py/ AnalogIn_Record.py

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I tried to record it but I don't think that it is the best option. 

For now, the option which is the better for me is in Scope, Repeated Mode. I want to start recording when the power of reception is big enough. Here when the input voltage is up to 2V. And to stop when the signal is ended.

I analyze a beacon message which is 1s message. I achieve to have 130 txt files with the integrality of the message but not in just one file. 

(1s message at 1MHz = 1 M values, so 122 files of 8192 values)


I don't think the recording mode is a good solution because I want to let the program run during minutes.






Here is the code in the Scope script 

ch = Scope.Channel1
if(ch.measure("Maximum")>2 || Index<130){


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Hi @attila,

10M samples would be enough but I think that I can't let the Record Mode runing durint minutes and waiting the data message. I would like to automatically run it when the voltage is big enough. It works with the Logging option in Repeated Mode in the Scope but only with files of 8192 samples.

I saw the different samples programs but how dit it works ? I can't use it in the script mode in WF ? 

It is just a program which uses the Analog Discovery, isn't it ?



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