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Programming BBRAM on Arty Z7-20


Hello Everyone,

I am trying to get Arty Z7-20 boot from flash with encryption enabled. I am following Xilinx 'XAPP1319' to program AES key to BBRAM.
I created MCS boot image with 'fsbl' and 'program_aes_key_bbram' application program(xilskey 6.3 example 'xilskey_bbram_example' for Zynq not ZynqMP) for qspi flash as
described in Xilinx 'XAPP1319'.

However on booting from SPI flash, BBRAM example print exit message 'BBRAM Example failed' on serial console.
On debugging with JTAG, I found it fails while programming BBRAM, in function


Status = XilSKey_Bbram_Program(&InstancePtr);

I have the jumper set to QSPI while booting from flash. Attached is serial console output.

Any idea why I am having this issue? 



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