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AD2 - I2C or SPI with Labview?



Is there a toolkit, etc. for use with the AD2 and Labview for I2C or SPI?  I would like to monitor and simulate if possible.  I have download and looked at both the Waveforms toolkit and AD2 toolkit, but did not immediately see this functionality.  I'm guessing no such bundled library exits.  Thank you




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Hello @jma_1,

Unfortunately, I believe this is correct in that there is not a way to use the I2C or SPI with the Logic Analyzer with the Analog Discovery 2 toolkit for LabVIEW at this point in time. My understanding though is that the VI calls the WaveForms SDK functions directly so you would be able to use them that way; there are some more details about this on this thread.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.


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