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Interfacing MSP430 to PmodNav



it's my first experience with IMU and I have to use MSP430 launchpad and I would like to know if PmodNav is compatible with msp430?

can I use to get inertial measurements? 

I checked the datasheet and it says that it uses the LSM9DS1TR chip for the inertial measurement and I could find some libraries for this chip in GitHub and I am wondering if I could use them in the PmodNav.

Thank you for your time, 

kind Regards

Josef Neto


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Hi @JosefNeto,

Looking at the MSP430 launchpad datasheet here , the PmodNAV's schematic here along with the  iNEMO inertial module IC and the MEMS pressure sensor IC datasheets which are linked on the PmodNAV's resource center here it looks like you would be able to use the PmodNAV with the MSP430 launchpad at 3 volts. We do not have any code for the PmodNAV that would work for the MSP430 launchpad. I do not see any reason that you would not be able to use the GitHub libraries you found for the LSM9DS1TR and the MSP430 launchpad.

thank you,


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