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How to transform this design into KC705 using a Microblaze?




FYI : I am using Vivado 2017.3 targeting a KC705 board including a Kintex-7 (xc7k325t) FPGA.


I am trying to read data from DDR3 and load it to a FIFO and then send the read data for JESD204 to be read out by DAC.


Within my search, I found that Xilinx has provided a design strategy here, that implements an AXI DMA and FIFO on a Zynq device which has a PS and PL part.


I am trying to transform this design to be compatible with KC705 board and replace the Zynq Processing System with Microblaze. I cannot get a functional design. Can anybody help me to solve this issue?


Here is the design schematic provided by Xilinx:


Thanks and Regards,



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Hi @daryon,

I have not worked with the KC705 board. We do  have a demo for the genesis 2 ( XC7K325T-2FFG900C) here that uses microblaze, DDR3 and the DMA that might be helpful.

thank you,


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