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Antonio Fasano

How to have configuration boot up automatically in Arty-Z7-20


Hi, Guys

I have a project configured and running correctly on Arty-Z7-20 through Vivado 2018 and SDK.

What do I have to do to have Arty load that configuration/Software automatically after power-up ?

 (Without the need to be connected to VIVADO/SDK throught the serial cable)



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Hello @Antonio Fasano,

You can boot up your project from the SD card.  For that, you need to create an .bin file.

To create the .bin file, you need:

1. a BIF file
2. fsbl.elf
3. .bit file (only required if you have a PL logic)
4. your application.elf

To create the boot image, please follow the steps below:

1. In your SDK workspace, select Xilinx Tools > Create Boot Image to open the Create Zynq Boot Image wizard
2. Add the FSBL file. 
3. Add the .bit file 
4. Add the application.elf 
5. Select the output folder and click create image

Make sure you maintain the same order of files as above.

Next, copy the .bin file into the SD card, set the boot mode pins to boot from SD, and power-on the board.  Tour application should start immediately after that.


Best Regards,

Bogdan Vanca 

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