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PYNQ-Z1 Arduino Voltage Output


Hi all,

I am brand new to FPGAs and am finding the documentation more confusing than enlightening regarded this issue.  I am having considerable difficulty getting my PYNQ-Z1 board to output a voltage through the Arduino IO ports.  Currently I have a complete circuit from Arduino IO 0 to a breadboard with an LED and resistor in series, and it connects back to the Arduino ground port.

My code is as follows:

In [1]:

from pynq.overlays.base import BaseOverlay

base = BaseOverlay("base.bit")

from pynq.lib.arduino import Arduino_IO

In [2]:



However, I am getting an attribute error, which reads as follows:


---->2 x=Arduino_IO(base.ARDUINO,0,"out")

/opt/python3.6/lib/python3.6/site-packages/pynq/lib/arduino/arduino_io.py in __init__(self,mb_info,index,direction)

---->97    self.microblaze.start()

Attribute Error: 'Arduino' object has no attribute 'start'


What is "start" and how can I fix my code to properly output voltage?  Thanks for your time.

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Hi @cole12345,

Digilent handles hardware issues for the PYNQ board while pynq.io handles software, tutorial, demos and examples. We do not have experience using Jupyter Notebook . I would suggest to reach out to the pynq.io support here.

thank you,


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