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Waveforms with USB soundcard as scope/wavegen




was happy to see this addition in one of the last releases.

As I get strange results I would like to know what the necessary settings re bit depth and sample rate are.

Also, using the out ports of a connected USB soundcard (Tascam US-122) only seems to work when I set it as Windows system soundcard before opening Waveforms. 

When i select 44,1kHz/16bit sound output is chopped. With 22.05kHz and 8bits it gets better, but also with some strong noise.

So what's recommended?

Thank you,


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Hi @ADal

I'm not sure what to suggest. On the computers I have tested it is working...
I have left multiple options (format, channel, frequency) in case some combinations are not working properly to have others to choose from.
You might try adjusting some USB audio driver settings.

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Hi @ADal

Looking at the specs of this sound card, it is USB 1.1, so the maximum data rate is about 1Mbps.
With this, using 4 channels (input+output) with 8 bit samples the theoretical maximum rate is about 37 kHz.

Try lowering the sample rate.

You could also try increasing the buffer:
Page 18: https://tascam.com/content/downloads/products/311/US122_Eng.pdf

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