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Zilinx OEM SDSoC license


Newbie here. I purchased a Digilent Zybo Z7 development board that came with a OEM SDSoc-Zynq license. I downloaded SDxIDE 2018.2 software, registered the license that came with the Zybo board with Xilinx, and checked all the boxes that I could on which applications to license.

When I start the Xilinx SDxIDE application I get a message: "The SDx project flow requires an SDSoC or SDAccel 'License Manager' to acquire license." Clicking and following a couple of links I find the "Product Licensing" page says that I have a "OEM SDSoC-Zynq Development Voucher" with 1 active seat.

I realize the is probably a xilinx issue and have asked the question on their board, (with reply at this point). I am confused and wondering what entitlements are included with the Developer Voucher?

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Hi @rzsmi,

In the end Xilinx will be the better authority on this than those of us here on the Digilent Forum, but as I understand it the SDSoC voucher that comes with the Zybo-Z7 allows you to download Xilinx SDSoC within one year of redeeming the voucher and can download newer versions as they are released within that year.

Presuming the IDE for SDSoC is similar to Vivado, I imagine (I don't have SDSoC installed myself) you can get to the License Manager by clicking on the Help tab in the main GUI and then clicking on "Manage License". From there (at least for the Vivado License Manager) there is an option to load the license file that you have available to you; if this option isn't available or not working for you for SDSoC, I would recommend contacting Xilinx about this instead as it is their software (Digilent just has the vouchers we received from Xilinx).

Thank you,

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