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Exporting Multisim Design on Arty S7 (Spartan 7)


Hello all,

some months ago I had a Basys 2 Board that I perfectly could program via multisim, designing an schematic and then exporting the design.

Now I have an Arty S7 on my hands and I would wish to do the same. I followed the tutorials: http://www.ni.com/tutorial/14871/en/ and  https://reference.digilentinc.com/learn/programmable-logic/tutorials/program_fpgas_through_multisim/start

An instance for the Arty S7 was created in multisim and it gave me the option to generate the VHDL file from the design (I haven't verified the file yet). Multisim won't give me the programming option. I checked the configuration files for others working boards and there is a missing line for programming, like Device ID etc.

Mi question, does anybody has tested  programming the arty s7 from multisim?  if not is it possible? directions ?


Best Regards,

Edwin Marte



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Hi @emarte,

We have not tested programming the Arty-S7 with multisim. I would suggest to install the newest version of Adept 2. The Spartan 7 is a fairly new FPGA and was only added to Adept 2 recently.

thank you,



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