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Voltage and current measurement


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Hi @mustafasei,

I have moved your question to a more appropriate section of the Forum. Those of us at Digilent haven't used either of those sensors, but glancing at their datasheets, they should both be electrically compatible with an Arduino Uno. Be sure to take appropriate caution when measuring voltage and current of a home electrical outlet though and know that I haven't verified whether or not those two modules are electrically safe to use with it.


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Hi LCcolvin

 thank you for your advice ,don't worry my friend i'm a high voltage electrical engineer.

i have connect the voltage  sensor to the arduino and used the analog input channel to measure the voltage but the output always give as 2.5 dc volt even when there is no ac voltage applied on the sensor .

as I know from data sheet of the voltage sensor the output is DC offset so i think I have to use a filter which I don't know to build it 

any idea please 

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