Hi all,

My group and I are brand new to FPGAs, none of us have any expertise whatsoever.  As such, we have a few questions about the capabilities of the PYNQ-Z1 board that some of you seasoned experts can help us out with.

First: we will have a TTL (3.3 V) pulse sent to the board which is about ~10 ns long.  Can the board detect such a pulse from something like a rising or falling edge?  We hope to send this pulse via BNC connection - where could we input this on the board?

Second: We also need to output a pulse via BNC connection.  Where would this pulse be outputted from?

Third: Given the first two questions, should we invest in the following two items?

i.  ii.

Sorry if these questions seem hopelessly basic.  We are new to this type of hardware and would greatly appreciate any help you all could send our way.


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