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Digital Discovery: Protocols: using more than one protocol at the same time


Hi !

I am interested in using the Digital Discovery controlling multiple devices at the same time with different protocols.


I would like to setup the UART on the digital discovery on DIO 28 as TX and 29 as RX while using SPI at the same time on the default setup DIOs as 24/CS, 25/CLK, 26/DQ0/MOSI, 27/DQ1/MISO.

Using then I2C on e.g. 31/SCL and 30/SDA and CAN on 36/RX and 37/TX on top of that would be very nice as well.

Is this possible from the user interface (which I would prefer) or do I need to create custom code for that?

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Hi @Tamahandy

In the Logic Analyzer interface you can have multiple protocol decoders to analyze the signals/communication.

The Protocol tool uses the Pattern Generator (for transmission) and the Logic Analyzer (for reception) device resources.
You have the Debug option which will only use the transmission and let you analyze the signals/protocols in the Logic Analyzer interface.
In the Protocol tool only one protocol can be used at a time: UART, SPI, I2C, or CAN 

You could use the Protocol tool to send commands with UART or SPI or I2C or CAN, and use the Logic Analyzer to see UART and SPI and I2C and CAN at the same time.

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