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MEMACC is a special VISA resource for memory allocation.

Is it woking on LINX ? I can't find it.
Is there any other available method for memory allocation in LINX ?
Will "chroot system" be a problem for this task ?

I found some info here (some kind of MMap API):

Is it right direction ?

P.S. I am linux user not a pro, so answers with explanation will be appreciated

P.P.S. I know that this question is mostly for LINX developers but labviewmakerhub forums are almost stopped. So I deciced place my question here.


Thanks a lot!



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Hi @ululuk,

I'm not a LINX developer so I can't readily answer your question, but I'm slightly confused as to what you are trying to do. Are you looking to allocate some memory that is not outside your target device, such as the Raspberry Pi? Or something else entirely?


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Sure! I'm sorry because of incomplete description.

I would like to allocate some amount of memory inside of LINX.
Then send offset address to external linux application.
And then send some amount of data from external application.


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