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Ian Etheridge

Pmod ALS demo with Arduino



I am trying to run the project found here: https://www.hackster.io/58085/using-the-pmod-als-with-arduino-uno-e86dca This is a supplied demo for the ALS Pmod. 

However, after programming the board, there are no output signals from the Arduino. I used the Logic Analyzer and the Oscilloscope in WaveForms to verify that there isn't even a clock output from the Arduino. The connections should be correct, so I am wondering what is going wrong (code error maybe?). I just copied and pasted the code straight from the project link. I would love to know what is going wrong. Thanks!

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Hi @Ian Etheridge,

What version of arduino are you using?  What version of Arduino AVR boards do you have installed(most recent is 1.6.21)?   Could you attach a screen shot of your sketch including the output script. Do you have the wiring set up as shown in the Hackster demo linked above?

pin 10 -------- CS

pin 12 ------- SDO

pin 13 ------- SCK

3v3 -----------VCC

GND ---------GND

thank you,








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