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Pmod AD5



I am also using the PMOD AD5 to get the values of two sensor one is voltage and another is temperature , but the problem is i wanted to get the value of the  only voltage first then only temperature, what i did is i just added a function of the temperature to it with the same voltage code that is given in the example of the AD5 driver, i change the configuration register values to 




so that i can have the enable the  2 single channels and the value be in uni polar by doing this i am getting the values

voltage is: 2.5v (which what i set in the POT)

temperature is : 99.99 (which id taking the data of channel one  and giving me the value)

in next cycle

voltage is taking the value from the channel 2 and giving me the value , here the temperature what i am getting is almost correct but i need it accurate .

So can u please provide me with the code that will help me getting the values from the two different channel one after the other 

Thanks & Regards


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Thanks for the reply in the attached thread ,

now i just need a help as the formula given for the voltage is correct in the same way is there any formula for the calculation of the temperature 

or can i use the same formula for the temperature also in my project I'm using this  sensor for the temperature LMT84DCKT 

thanks and regards


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