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Linux on Digilent boards


Hi, guys,

I am in need of a Digilent board to run Linux with a GUI to have access to IOpins and peripherals, and also to work together with the vhdl codes on the FPGA. I am not sure how to install Linux on SD card, start a boot from there, ANDhave at the same time a vhdl code running on FPGA that I could edit and compile using the vivado (2018.2).

The idea is to have the vhdl code running the hardware and the GUI on linux to present values of input, output, make the configuration on-line of the vhdl variables, etc...

I was thinking about the Zybo board.

Can someone give me, please, some directions and/or suggestions? 


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Hi @Guacamoleroger,

My understanding of embedded Linux on an FPGA is that you need a soft core processor like Microblaze or a Zynq processor to get linux to run on a FPGA. You can customize your design by using the Add a Module function(here a forum thread the discusses the Add a module function) in Vivado to have VHDL or Verilog be connected to the AXI bus. This allows the hdl code to be accessible to SDK along with the embedded linux platform.  All of the ZYNQ based FPGA's here are capable of running embedded linux including the Zybo. We support the petalinux platform and have projects available here with very informative readme's including a quick start guide.

thank you,


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