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Analog Discovery 2 as surface scanner (X,Y out; Ch1,2 in)


Is there a way to alter the brightness or even color of the 'beam' line
according to a signal input value such as a XYZ oscilloscope?

That means:
Two output channels create an XY-progressive scan for surface detection.
One or two sensor(s) are connected to analog inputs which will modify the
'beam brightness' (or even color by a LUT) according to the scan positions,
so a 3D surface profile of a specimen can be acquired and be visible on screen.

Would be great if this works

Thanks for any (helping) reply


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Hi @remalytics

The WaveForms application supports XY view but no XYZ.
For progressive drawing you can use the scan shift/screen modes.

As Piotr told, you can use the WaveForms SDK for custom application/script, like staring from the Python example code:
C:/Program Files (x86)/Digilent/WaveFormsSDK/samples/py/ AnalogIn_ShiftScreen.py


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