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DXF/CAD files for CORA Z7 board

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Hi @Erickson,

The header is arduino/chipkit compatible as discussed in the Reference manual here in section 13 Arduino/chipKIT Shield Connector. The header has more available pins than the Arduino uno as shown here . The Arty A7 has the same header and we have a 3D CAD file available for the Arty-A7  on the bottom of the resource center here.

thank you,


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Hi Jon,

Thanks for the reply.  We've already taken caliper measurements here.  I'm looking for a DXF file to hand off to a PCB designer to help with placing board-to-board connectors for a custom hat/shield.  Is it correct that the outer headers are the same as an Arduino Uno?  I think I could track down an Arduino DXF without too much difficulty.

Thanks again!

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Hi JColvin,

I'm designing a expansion PCB for the Cora that uses the unpopulated J1 connector. J1 seems to be not aligned with any other connector on the board.

Can you please provide me the measurements highlighted in green in the figure below (or anything else that will help me to place J1 correctly)?



Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 14.46.04.png

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