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Arty Z7-20 Serial Com


Hello everyone,

I bought an Arty z7-20 board a month ago and my first project depends on serial communication. I made a program in VHDL but I could not know which are the pins that I should assign to the uart. From schematic file, i understand that i have to comunicate the fpga with the pins C5 and C8, for Tx and Rx, on the chip bank500, but.... i dont see what are the pins to enable uart in the  .xdc master file to do this.

A lot of thanks for share your experience!

I leave here a simple design to taste the uart. The idea is that the fpga recive a data and send it back to a terminal.




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Hi @MVS,

The usb uart is directly connected to the PS of the Zynq Processor. You will need to use the PS to communicate through the usb uart. The Getting Started with the Vivado IP Integrator tutorial uses the Zynq processor and sends messages through the usb uart that can be read using a serial terminal like tera term. A good reference for using the Zynq processor is the Zynq Book here.  

thank you,



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